Saturday, October 15, 2011

City car

About 2 months ago, Honda Malaysia has launched the 3rd generation of Honda City. It is among one of the best-selling model in this country and no wonder, the launching of this car has been very much anticipated by many. Previously, the original colors available for this model are available in Alabaster Silver, Polished Metal, Crystal Black Pearl, Deep Lapis Blue Metallic and Bold Beige Metallic. However, with the new line up, Honda Malaysia has taken the move to remove Blue and Beige color which is rather odd. All this while, they have been using the Deep Lapis Blue Metallic to promote as well as for their advertisement.

However, Honda Malaysia seems to be making the right move to introduce the Taffeta White in the new line of Honda City. So far, customers are raving for it. Out of 36 000 units sold since its launching, 40% out of that number is for the new colour. Before this, the Taffeta White colour is only available for the fully imported Honda Jazz. Some customers are even willing to pay more to get the colour. Now, Honda Malaysia is slowly implementing this new colour scheme on their CKD models such as Civic, CRV and City being their latest recipient. So, some of you may be wondering what is the fuss with the new Honda City? Well, there seems to be no difference in the specification of the two trim levels that are the Grade S and Grade E with the same OTR price. I guess, the only major change will be the ability for you to purchase your Taffeta White Honda City without actually digging a bigger hole into your pocket. With that said, if you have the opportunity, you should drop by one of the Honda showrooms to get a glimpse of the new car. It really looks good making the Honda City far handsomer than it should be. There is a reason why the Taffeta White consist of 30% of the sales made by Honda Malaysia. Why stick to the same old colors when you can opt for something new and exciting?

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